Wednesday, June 29, 2011

13 Months

I was really thinking that I would stop these posts once Chloe hit a year. However, in the last month she's taken a giant cognitive leap forward. So in an effort to track the progress, I'll continue. I'm not sure how long. Now that I've started this, it makes sense to take it to two years but we'll see.

Chloe, it's June 28, 2011 and you are 13 months old today!

You insisted on reading to Tickle Monkey.

I think we are about to make the switch to one nap a day. I'm sure you'll still need a second nap on some days but lately you seem to be reluctantly taking very short naps. I think by switching to one nap, you may start taking a longer one. We'll have to play with your schedule and see.

You are now drinking whole cow milk. You seem to like it okay now. You drink an 8oz. glass in the morning and an 8 oz. glass for dinner. Sometimes you get about 4oz. as an afternoon snack.

You are now a toddler. You are officially walking! You still prefer to crawl but you know how to walk and will walk across the room. Sometimes you even stand up and take off on two legs without urging from me and your dad. You walk like a little zombie with your arms out in front of's cute!

Your new word is 'light.' You don't say it that often and it usually takes me a while to figure out what you're talking about. That brings your vocabulary to 12 words: hi, dog, book, ball, bird, mom, dada, ouch, yeah, no, diaper and light. I think that's all of them.

You have been crawling onto the couch for over a month now but in the last week you discovered how to get down. It makes my life so much easier. For a while, you would crawl onto the couch and throw a fit to get down. As soon as I would get you down, you would go right back up. Exhausting!

You love people. Anytime we go anywhere you scream 'hi' at EVERYONE. Most people are polite about it and say hi back. Your favorite places are the gym nursery where you play with other kids and the splash pad at the park. The first time I took you there you saw the other kids and starting yelling in baby babble. You wanted down and if you had been able to run, you would have taken off to go join the other kids. haha. You are so energetic. You NEVER sit still.

We love you, happy girl!

Chloe and Kennedy -- probably scheming against Ashauntee and I.

I made her stop for a picture. She's not happy.
She looking at the boys she wanted to go play with.

Marisa and Gael. He's making sure Chloe doesn't get his animal crackers. haha.


  1. How glad I am to see and hear things about Chloe.She looks so cute reading her book. Thanks for sharing news about her. She is so much like you were at that age. She likes her friends she is growing up with. Send a picture of you at Marks reunion. Glad you had a good babysitter for Chloe.

  2. Isn't it amazing how much and how quickly they are learning at this age?! Love her reading the book to her monkey!

  3. Yay for walking! I LOVE this age and wish Livie could go back to being 1 again. They are so, so sweet and it's amazing how much they learn in such a short period of time. It's awesome that she's so social.

  4. The photo of Chloe and Kennedy is so cute. Looks like they are in a deep discussion.


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