Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Times Keep on Rollin'

Well, I was going to start this post out a little differently, but I have the funniest story. I just went to get Chloe out of her crib from her nap. I walked in and she was sitting in her crib in nothing but her diaper and socks.

I said, "Did you take your clothes off?" half thinking that maybe I had put her in that way and forgot. She said, "Yeah!" To my disbelief, her dress is laying on her mattress. She had indeed taken her clothes off.

Ok. Now to share some pics. Last night we went to Blues on the Green to watch Bob Schneider.

I love our city!

Mom and Chloe

Dad and Chloe

My favorite family pic so far!

Dad telling Chloe about the dogs in front of us.

Chloe insisting that she needs to go see the dogs.
(The dogs were the center of Chloe's attention.)

The picture below is real life. This is how my living room looks on a daily basis. It's clean (scrubbed, vacuumed, dusted, etc.) but terribly messy.

My parents (Shorty and Pop) gave Chloe a swing set for her 1st birthday. It just dawned on my that I hadn't posted pictures. So here they are:

I promise she does enjoy the swing...she's just being aloof.
 This swing set took two days to put together! I was telling Mark that we should start a business putting together stuff like this for people that don't want to do it themselves. I then realized that we had put a bar on upside down and had to take half the swing apart and redo it! So if you need help putting a swing together, do not call us. We are not for hire. (I may be able to offer advice on what NOT to do for a small fee.)
Pepper babysitting Chloe.
See how Pepper is watching her? I was watering the plants and I looked over to see Pepper laying underneath Chloe  making sure she was ok (or getting some shade). She's such a good dog!


  1. I would love to have a copy of the three of you together.That is a good picture. I adore Chloe,s pretty hair. She is sure doing things ahead of time like taking her dress off by herself. What a nice swing set for her. You may get good muscles pushing real often. Pepper may have adopted her already. Smokey helped take care of you.

  2. I LOVE the family pic! And as for the state of your house? Wait til you have two. At least your house is vacuumed and mopped! :)

  3. The picture of Pepper and Chloe is a mexican standoff for attention. I think Pepper is sizing her up...and Chloe is dreaming of the day she can attempt a piggy-back ride.

    Also....Pepper is a bad dog. (I hope she can read this)

  4. You will never be able to keep Chloe in clothes again. Just wait 'til she can get her diaper off too. lol

    Love the family photos.


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