Friday, June 10, 2011

Anthony Trial - Warning: This is nauseating.

I saw this article on Twitter today. It's an online People (as in the magazine) story about Casey Anthony breaking down during a forensic testimony. In the article, it states that "Anthony gasped and started to sob..." when they showed pictures of her deceased daughter's body which had been "chewed on by animals."

Do I believe Casey Anthony's reaction is genuine? Yes. Do I have any sympathy for the woman? I've thought about it a lot and my answer is a resounding NO.

Even if the woman had momentary psychosis (which I do not believe is the case) and doesn't remember anything she did, she's had chances to set this straight by telling the truth. She has done nothing but lie since the beginning of all of this.

If I remember anything from my childhood, it's that lying about something will often get you into more trouble than being honest from the beginning. The longer a lie goes on, the higher the consequences usually become. Sadly, this is a lesson her daughter will never learn in her childhood.

I'm trying to see this from her defense teams point of view. What I can't wrap my head around is how anybody can defend a woman like this? You can't tell me that everybody on that team believes she is innocent. These people are lying to themselves. Oh, the beauty of our legal system...protecting the innocent and liberating the guilty.

I have so many feelings about this situation. I can't begin to express them. But, I will say this: It sickens me that Caylee Anthony's mom, Casey, the one person in this world who should be expected to protect this child under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES to the best of her ability, chose to do the exact opposite. Even after Caylee's death, that mother chose to torture her daughter's memory by playing games with the authorities, media and her own family.

Nope. No Sympathy.  


  1. You are so right about teaching a child to always tell the truth and always keep a promise. My Mother was a firm believer and I respected her for it. It saddens me to that Cayle didn't get to enjoy her life. Thanks for the message that has come from your heart. I love you.

  2. You need to watch the movie.... The Lincoln Lawyer.


  3. You gave me chills, especially the part where Casey should have protected her daughter under all circumstances. LOVE YOUR PASSION! I will never understand how people could kill their own children. Drove home yesterday and saw a sign, "It shouldn't hurt to be a child." Cried the whole way home thinking someone could hurt a child around the same age as Emery or any sweet child. Throw the book at Casey!


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