Monday, June 13, 2011

Chloe 1st Birthday Party

We finally got the pictures from Mark's dad's camera. There were some cute ones; although, I'm still fighting the disappointment of forgetting our camera.

Dad and Chloe

Party favors included...
Chloe's favorite things: Teddy Grahams, Goldfish, Bubbles and a beach ball.

Playing with bubbles.

Outfit Shorty made!

Grandpa (Mark's dad) and Chloe

present time.

It was too much excitement for her.

Glammy (Marks' mom) and Chloe
Looks like Mark, who was in charge of the camera, forgot to snap some shots of my parents with Chloe. But, they are in the video so we're all good!  I saved the best pictures for last...

trans fat, partially hydrogenated oil and sugary goodness!
A girls gotta live a little!

The picture I wanted! We got it!!


  1. Glad you got the photos. They turned out really good. I guess I'll have to switch from ice cream to cake for Chloe's next visit. :)

  2. Sure looks like good cake, Chloe. Too bad Pepper wasn't there to help clean her up. Love the outfit so cute.

  3. Darling picture of "How to enjoy a Birthday Cake". Chloe hopes she did it right. Nice party for family and friends. Her special playsuit was perfect for the party. Shorty did a good job choosing the colorful fabric for the party. Chloe has beautiful eyes.

  4. Oh my gosh - How great are those pictures- worth the wait! I love the cake shot... and great idea for the favors! Looks like MIss Chloe had a great party :)


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