Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Berry Farm 2012

In keeping with our family tradition, we visited Sweet Berry Farm a few weekends ago. I'm pretty sure I rave about it every year. It's a fantastic place and if you live in Central Texas you must make a trip out there.

Now that Chloe is getting older, we are able to stay longer and participate in more activities. This year we tried to take a horse ride. However, Chloe was a little skeptical of the situation so we had our tickets refunded. She did cry about not getting to ride the horse once we arrived back at our house. Maybe next year?

We didn't let the missed horse ride ruin our fun...we fed goats, painted a pumpkin, had an adventure in the corn maze and rolled in the grass. This is one of my favorite days of the year for our family.

So happy she found a "baby pumpkin"

Enjoy this little video clip of Chloe feeding the goats! I honestly thought she would be more hesitant to feed them. This girl always surprises me.

Links to the past Sweet Berry Farm trips:


  1. Great photos! What a great time of year this is right?! Pumpkin picking is so much fun with the girls now that they are old enough to get it and have fun! Too bad about the horsey ride - it would have been fun - but like you said, maybe next year. I love all of the pictures of Chloe- especially the ones of her on the tractor- she loves it! :)

  2. Chloe is a joy to watch. She really likes new places to go and new adventures to see and study. You are blessed she enjoys what you take her to see. She is a pretty little girl. You are good parents.She may need a tractor for Xmas. She looks so cute in her Halloween shirt. Kim, you look so happy as you watch Chloe enjoying life.

  3. Tons of fun!!! Love all the photos

  4. I had to sneak a look of the early pictures you have of 2010 and 2011. I enjoyed them so much and they brought joy to my heart. Thank you Kim for all you do for family and friends.


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