Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Sweet Berry Farm Tradition

We took Chloe to Sweet Berry Farm today. If we though getting a picture of Chloe was difficult last year, this year was next to impossible. Our child will run the opposite direction from us no matter what is going on around her and she WILL NOT sit still for even a second. People say it's boys that tend to be all over the place and fearless. I will argue that is not true.

You would think she would be interested in the pumpkins. No. She would rather run around and watch her feet move across the dirt. Whatever floats her boat, I guess. We had a lot of fun but it was H.O.T.

Sleeping on the car ride there.

Enough about the pumpkin, mom. Let's go see horses.

Not too thrilled with kisses.

She made it out of the maze safe and sound.

Horses, dad! Do you see the horses?

She's concerned because she sees a child crying while riding the horse.

She wanted to bring a goat home. I'm not kidding.

This one.

Look a 'Scare-chlo'

the only half-way decent picture of Chloe

I think her favorite part of the day was the horses, which is her new word for all large animals...

See how happy she is? It's because of a horse! Wow...may have to move to the country.
Chloe wants a pony, dad.


  1. I loved the pretty clothes she is wearing for the special outing she is enjoying. She is having a good time and providing you with her interest in so many things. Her smile and concerns are wonderful as she sees many new things. She is already getting her 2 year independence. You will live through it with laughs and tears. The family time pictures are good.

  2. Watching your feet while walking is always great fun. :) If she wants a goat for the backyard I think you should get her one. Pepper would have something to herd around the yard and no more mowing the lawn.

  3. I agree- Ansley goes just as fast as Landry does, and never slows down! Love her dress- I almost bought the same fabric! I long for the day that I can put Ansley's hair in pigtails....

  4. I love Chloe's top! Too cute and so festive! I know what you mean about having a mind of their own right now! haha! Great pictures! This time of year is so much fun!!


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