Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Haircut (or something like that)...

When Mark came home from work today, he set his workout bag and briefcase down by the front door and kissed Chloe and I hello per his usual routine . He had a phone call scheduled with one of his clients, so Chloe and I stayed downstairs where I was working on dinner.

Normally Mark trims his goatee and shaves the day before he goes to work so he doesn't have his dopp kit in his bag. Apparently, he took it to the gym this morning to shave instead. I never heard the buzzing noise. I smelled Mark's cologne and realized she was playing with his 'sweet smell'um.' When I starting picking up stuff and putting it back in Mark's dopp kit, I noticed it...a pile of long blond hair!

I said, "is this yours?" to Chloe as I started to scoop it up. I quickly turned her head so I could see the side and noticed a bald spot about 2 inches wide and one inch long on the side of her head! I started laughing but I wanted to cry.

it's more noticable than this picture shows...
For those of you who know about her Alfalfa's safe. She still has it. I'm going to tie a ribbon around it and cut it for her scrap book tomorrow...before anymore hair CUTtastrophes strike.


  1. Oh noooo! I guess every kid goes through this ... but already?!?! I am laughing kind of {not really lol} but this will be a story to tell her one day for sure!

  2. It will grow out in time to try it again. Devonn cut off her long hair curl over her ear before she was to be in a wedding. She also did a cut on Diane's hair top curl when she was young. That just goes in the book of memories. You will be surprised what she does next time. Glad she didn't cut her ear. I had a good laugh and needed one. Ilove you.

  3. Too funny! :) Landry cut a little tiny piece of his hair with regular scissors a while back (I had them on the kitchen counter), but you didn't notice it at all. maybe someday Ansley will have enough hair for her to try it!


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