Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hippie Halloween

I made Chloe's Halloween costume this year. I'm pretty pleased with it. I got the idea on Pinterest. I made bell bottoms by inserting a triangle of matching fabric to the legs of Chloe's jeans. I got that idea from my mom, who explained to me how they used to make their bell bottoms even wider-legged than they already were by adding fabric.

Chloe fits in really well in our town now!

Nobody knows hippies like Grandpa, DonDon...he attended graduate school at USC in the 60s.


  1. What agreat idea! And such a simple, yet cool costume! Love it! and i love the idea for the bell bottoms.

  2. Great job on the hippie costume. Those were the days of yesteryears. Chloe looks so cute and enjoying her Don-Don. Have fun on your trip in lala land where Hippies do live. Nice place to spend your anniversary.

  3. i love her costume! so cute and very clever! i wish abby would have liked hers a bit more... lol. i still can't get her into the whole indian costume i made for her. maybe by thanksgiving, lol.


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