Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Big Move

Mark taking apart Chloe's bed for the move.

A glimpse at our old living room before we loaded the boxes on the truck.

Our cold, empty home the morning of the move.

The shiny, new home before we got the keys.

Almost our entire home is in that truck!

Making silly faces during our first dinner at the new place.

Mark and I pretending to be mad at each other while we are painting the new house.

Part of the new kitchen. That's our brand new stove! Now we just have to get a microwave above it.

Shorty sharing ice cream with Chloe.

Mark changing out that ceiling fan. No brass in this house.

Pop helping to paint the kitchen. It was stark white. So white it was blinding.
So far we have painted almost every room, changed out the light fixtures in every room but two bedrooms, hung blinds and added a new stove. We are having counter tops installed in a few weeks and I'm going to paint our bedroom in the next few weekends.
I really hope to share more details about the new house, but we are super busy getting things done.


  1. Wow i love it so far! Isn't it amazing how painting and changing out some light fixtures can totally change a house! We just repainted our entire house for the 2nd time since we've been here and it's like having a nice clean new house on the inside. ANd brass... yeah I am with ya - not good lol. We had brass handles on the kitchen cabinets when we moved in and we replaced those suckers too LOL! Good job - can't wait to see more! :) I hope Chloe is liking her new room!

  2. Chloe was praying as she watched Daddy taking her bed to be moved.I'm so happy you got that special bed years ago. This brings joy to my heart and many memories. I love the front yard with giant trees showing the entrance. You picked a nice color to paint the kitchen and nice stove to get to cook at. Oops,Shorty almost missed her first dinner as you all sat down to eat. Kim,have you looked at Mark that hard before? Ha Cute photo.Chloe is making sure Shorty will stay awile.

  3. It's kind of sad seeing Mark take down the bed in the old house...but on to bigger and better. :) Chloe's going to have a path worn around the circle before you know it. We had fun helping y'all. We'll be back more than y'all probably want us. :D


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