Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If You Give a Baby Candy.

I've been waiting to share this until our Christmas cards had arrived at everyone's house. I  know a few people got them yesterday so I'm going to share this now.

Remember the story 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?' Well, here is the granthamaniac version...

I decided it would be super cute to have my 'elf' holding a lollypop in her Christmas photo. Now, before you all start geeking out, you need to know that she didn't have the sucker very long AT ALL. She had hardly any sugar and she won't be getting any more any time soon.

But, it didn't seem to matter because here is how the photo shoot went:

At first, she didn't know what it was.

So she patted it.

And studied it.

And tried to play it like a guitar.

When that didn't work. She tried to eat it. (Like everything else.)

She decided it was yummy!

And chowed down.

So mommy had to take it away.


  1. hahahaha..... I LOVE this!!! I really hope your christmas card contains that last picture!!

  2. Such a sweet baby! Funny you mentioned If you give a mouse a cookie, that's one one of Emery's Christmas presents this year. Love those blue eyes, I'm quite the "sucker" for those :) (Yeah, I know lame joke considering the post)

  3. Just got my Christmas card. I love it. Chloe sure knows how to handle the big sucker. I wanted to cry with her when the sweet treat went away. I was glad I got to hear her this afternoon. Thanks Kim:)


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