Friday, December 10, 2010

15 Days until Christmas

I would argue that friends are as much a part of the Holidays as family. Chloe's friend Kennedy came over on Sunday to visit. It's so funny because the girls are aware of each other in a way that they weren't before now. All of the poking and grabbing makes it pretty interesting. Again, Kennedy is 10 days older than Chloe. It is not an optical iillusion that Chloe is larger. My child, compared with other family members, is a giant like her parents. I regret that I didn't get many facial expressions from Chloe. It's a product of the angle in which I was filming. I have to be close to her in case she decides to be untrue to her Weeble form and actually fall down.



  1. That is so cute how calm they are and patient as they studied each other.I loved hearing my Kimberly laugh just like you always have. That song brought me joy too.

  2. They are just too cute together!


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