Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 Days until my due Date

It's officially 10 days until my due date. Due dates are such an arbitrary thing. I suppose they pack a little more significance this day in age. Most everybody I know was induced or had a scheduled c-section pretty close to their doctor-determined due date. If we still let people go into labor on their own, then these dates would be even less important since babies, who have no concept of time, come when they are good and ready when left alone. I'm not taking a stance on this hot topic. I will say that I chose my doctor because I trust her and her judgement and believe that everyone should choose a doctor that they trust with their life.

I went back to see what I was thinking/feeling during my pregnancy with Chloe around this time...I found this post from 11 days before her due date. It's the top 5 things I was looking forward to post-pregnancy.

To summarize and compare, here are the top 5 from three years ago and my thoughts on it this time:

5. Sleep on my stomach - I still miss this, but the inability to sleep on my stomach hasn't bothered me as much this time. I think it's because we have a better mattress and after having a child you learn to sleep when and however you are able. You don't get to be picky about sleep when you're a mom. I also know that I won't be getting to do this right after I have Mackenzie. It was quite a while before I was able to return to stomach sleeping after having Chloe. Partly because your stomach takes a while to return to it's pre-pregnancy state and partly because milk production and stomach sleeping do not work well together in the beginning.

4. Do Yard Work - I've mowed a few times. I've planted a few plants, but our new yard doesn't need as much work as the previous home's.

3. Have a Beer - This is still on my list. It's just that the time of year I like to have babies is the best time of year for back porch sitting and beer sipping. I will be imbibing occasionally once the new addition is free and clear of my blood stream. haha

2. Move (meaning my body) - I seem to be having less trouble this time. I would like to be able to play on the floor with Chloe and get up without having to grunt or groan.

1. Go Running! - I actually ran for most of this pregnancy (including two 5k at 7 months pregnant while pushing Chloe in a jogging stroller). However, I stopped a while back and switched to walking. I really am ready to start running again and am even thinking it might be time to do a half-marathon. I'm not sure that I want to do another full ever...we'll see. I think a 13.1 mile run might be a good goal. Now to find a double jogger.

A note to miss Mackenzie: 

Your parents and sister are getting impatient. Everybody is ready, but you. It's time to go. Let's do this. 


  1. Yes Miss Mackenzie we are ALL getting a little impatient! :)

  2. I know you are getting impatient! Just keep remembering that the end is near!


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