Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New Addition

Mackenzie Jewel has made her appearance. She decided to arrive on her own 5 days before her due date. She took us by surprise to say the least.

June 11, 2013
7lbs. 9oz.
Birth Story follows:

I started having contractions on Sunday night and we went to labor and delivery where they told me that "contractions that are 10 minutes apart aren't doing anything." They added that they DID think I would be back for the 'real deal' by the end of the week. So all day Monday I sat around having contractions that were between 8 and 15 minutes apart. Since they never became regular and they weren't getting any closer together, I decided that I wasn't going to the hospital because they would likely send me home.

Around 2:30a.m., my water broke. Mind you my contractions were still only 8-15 minutes apart. I woke up Mark and told him we needed to head to the hospital. I also added that we probably didn't need to hurry since my contractions were still so far apart. We woke Chloe up, grabbed our bags and headed to the hospital.

{Chloe was with us for a bit, until we decided to call Mark's dad to come get her. There was a point where I told Mark. "I love her, but you have to get her out of here." I couldn't focus on managing my pain (I didn't want to scare her) with Chloe in the room. Plus, Mark was having to focus on her and I needed his attention. Furthermore, a three year old has no business in a delivery room (IMO). We didn't really have a plan in place for this type of delivery because Chloe was induced so we weren't thinking in terms of a more urgent birth.}

They checked me in and got me hooked up to monitors at 3:00a.m. I immediately asked for my epidural. They have to give you one bag of iv fluids before you can get the epi and they also had to run blood work. So we waited...too long. By the time the anesthesiologist arrived, I was ready to have a baby. I told the nurse. The anesthesiologist continued to work his magic. But before the medicine could take effect, we had to call the doctor in the room. It was time. I had a drug free birth...that I DID NOT want. haha. It worked out. Mackenzie was in my arms by 5:51a.m.

The part that was the worst was having to wait for the little bit of epi to wear off. It didn't start taking effect until well after Mackenzie made her appearance, but I got enough 'juice' to make me rubber legged for a bit.

We left the hospital after one night...as soon as the 36 hour jaundice test was complete they released us. This experience was so much different that the one with Chloe. Her birth was hard on everyone.

Mackenzie is one week old today. She is doing fabulous. She sleeps a lot. I know that sounds dumb (what do you expect? newborns sleep), but Chloe NEVER slept. We joke that we were cheated out of a newborn with her because she was so alert from the beginning.

Chloe is in love with her new sister. She tells me all the time how cute Mackenzie is. She talks about her little feet and hands. She tells me to 'put her down.' Which is my cue to lay her on the floor so that Chloe can look at her.
Today is our first day home without help. I have Chloe and Mackenzie all to myself. I actually think it's going to be a great day!

Shorty, Chloe and Mackenzie

Mark, myself, Chloe and Mackenzie

Shorty, myself and Mackenzie

Josh, Claire and Mackenzie

Pop and Mackenzie

Don-Don and Mackenzie

Shorty and Mackenzie

Big sister, Chloe!


  1. I love all the photos! I'm really glad Don-Don was in town to help with Chloe.

  2. Congratulations!! She is beautiful! I'm glad that everything went well and that y'all are home and doing great!

  3. Glad to see the pictures of Mackinzie,Chloe,and Family. Beautiful precious baby and I would love to hold her. You are blessed with the sweetest little angels a Mother and Daddy could ever hope for. I enjoyed your memo of the time spent in the hospital. Kim,Thanks for the time you have been so thoughtful to make my day. I love you.

  4. OMG! I am so happy for you guys! Mackenzie is beautiful! Congrats to you all. Chloe is going to make a great big sister! We are on week 7 here, and Julianna was so good in the beginning until this week, she has started being a total beast (delayed reaction we think!!) - but I'm sure Chloe will be MUCH better! Post more pictures when you can mama! Congrats again! :) How are you adjusting to to kids instead of one. It's a totally different dynamic right?! :)

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