Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Third Birthday Party

This year was Chloe's first real birthday party. Last year we went to Houston to do some fun family stuff and her first birthday was mostly family. This year we invited Chloe's friends and had an actual party. I won't say it went off without a hitch, but it was successful.

I'm glad we decided to have a party. I really didn't want throw one at first since she won't remember it and because it was only a few weeks before my due date. I knew I would be tired and wasn't sure I was up to the challenge of throwing a party. --Don't get me wrong...we still would have celebrated her birthday. It just would have been much more low-key) After Mark and I discussed it, we realized it was important for Chloe to have a special day to celebrate her since everything will seem to be (at least from her perspective) about the new baby soon.

We didn't really have a theme for the party. I made cupcakes inside of ice cream cones so that they looked like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. We used pink, purple and green balloons and streamers. Mark rented an inflatable bounce house for entertainment. We were going to set things up outside, but it was raining that morning. Change of plans. Everything was inside and thankfully the rain let up enough for us to set up the bounce house in the driveway.

We only had the party for two hours. It was a good amount of time for the under 3 crowd (and probably the parents, too). It was just enough time to play, open presents, eat cake and ice cream and then play a little more.

Chloe would have really been happy with only eating cake. After only opening about three presents, she was ready to move on to the next activity. Getting a bunch of presents all at once is overwhelming at her age. She can really only focus on one thing at a time. Of course, now that the party is over she has enjoyed playing with ALL her presents. She just needed some time to truly discover them all.

Our friend, Katie, had some goldfish crackers for her daughter. Chloe spotted them while opening her presents and had to keep taking goldfish breaks after that. It took a while to get through the present opening. ha


  1. That was a fun day. It was the perfect party for 3 year olds and they don't care about the decorations...just the cake. lol I liked when you told Chloe she couldn't have cake until we sang Happy Birthday and she stood there and sang it by herself. The girl wanted her cake. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! Looks like Chloe had a great party! Cute idea on the cupcakes in ice cream cones :)

  3. CHLOE is adorable and has a sweet personality for her age. She is so pretty in her birthday dress. I wish I could spend some wonderful time with her. She will be a good big sister to her little sister as they grow up together. The icecream cone made me want one too. Glad every one had a fun time. I love you Kim.

  4. Super cute birthday party! My colleague is planning her husband's surprise birthday party. Bookings for LA venues and dinner with drinks is already done. Cake design is funny and a major turn in the get together. Her choice of decoration and gift for his best man is really unique. Also made the list for invitations.


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