Thursday, May 13, 2010

Top Five and a New Bathroom

I'm seriously trying to kill time here, folks. I already started my maternity leave. I can't and won't go into details but I NEEDED to take some time off of work before Chloe gets here.

I have been cleaning EVERYTHING. I need a tool belt with a place for my multisurface cleaner, paper towels, Pledge and rags because everytime I see something that looks a little dirty, I spray and wipe. I keep looking at the grout in the kitchen and I can tell you that I'm about get on my hands and knees with a toothbrush to clean it.

I'm taking a bit of a break from my obsessive cleaning to write a top five list. I have top five list of things I want to do with Chloe when she gets here but today I don't feel like being pregnant anymore so I'm going to write the top five things I want to do when I have my body back (selfish. I know.)!

For the record, being pregnant has been fairly easy. Sometimes I even forget that I'm pregnant thanks to the amazing genes (thanks Mom and Dad!) that kept my tummy relatively small.

5. Sleep on my stomach. I was pretty lucky and I was able to sleep on my stomach until a little after 20 weeks of being pregnant but now it's impossible. I'm quite convinced that the solution to all my pregnancy discomforts lies in my ability to sleep on my stomach. (i.e. my back wouldn't hurt so bad, my heartburn wouldn't act up so much, I would still be able to wear my wedding ring...if I could just sleep on my stomach) It's ridiculous. I know.

4. Do Yard Work. My garden is in terrible shape and our yard is quickly developing a thin/bald spot from the grass being too shaded by the oak trees in our yard. We need to trim the trees and don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind to go out there and do it myself RIGHT NOW. Aside from not wanting to injure little miss with my shenanigans, the only reason I haven't trimmed the trees is my poor husband. I mowed the lawn one day while he was at work and he was terribly afraid the the neighbors would think he was a giant @ss for allowing his pregnant wife to mow the lawn 30+ weeks pregnant.

3. Have a Beer. It's that time of year. Some days just call for a nice cold beverage on the back porch with my husband and dogs.

2. Move without having to create a plan of action first. Right now I have to think about how to get off of the couch, out of the car or get dressed way too much. Before I even start to move, I ask myself 'how will this end?' If the answer is at in a heap at the bottom of the stairs or on the floor tangled in my pants, I rethink. I just want to move.

1. Go Running! I ran a little during the first trimester until morning sickness got the better of me. Sometimes when we go on our evening walks I wonder if I could run for just a block. I'm pretty sure that it would be quite uncomfortable for me and Chloe. I even had a dream last night that I was running in a race with my old CC buddies. I'm sure it will be at least six weeks before the doctor okays me to run and I can't wait!

On a final note, here is the updated bathroom. I love the color! Mark picked it and I painted it. It's so much fun working with him on these things.




  1. Enjoy all of the time off. Chloe will be here soon. And I LOVE the bathroom. Can't wait to see it and use the new tub.

    My thoughts on your top 5

    5. Totally understand!!
    4. Love working in the yard too but it can wait.
    3. Your Grandma is going to have a "cow" over this one. lol But an occational beer never hurt anyone as long as your not driving. Put a lime in it so you can get some vitamin C.
    2. During the last month it is easier to just stay in the same clothes and in one position but unfortunately you get stinky and stiff. :)
    1. Run Kimberly run but wait until after Chloe arrives. I would hate for you to "drop" her on a short jog. Yuck!

  2. I seriously just laughed so hard at #3 you're both lucky I didn't pee a little. You'll be back to your old self before you know it! And you'll have a baby girl to love on too! Your bathroom is AWESOME!! I love the color!

  3. Ohhhh, and I do believe they say that the best thing to help your milk supply is to have a beer! Can't beat that!

  4. Liked your top 5. Won't be long till you can do them. You may not have time to put clean clothes on just wipe the spit ups off and go on like you smell good. Oh the joys of mommy hood and the laughs that will come your way that you never thought you would do. Enjoy it all. Love the bathroom and the colors are really pretty.

  5. It seems like only yesterday that I got the good news that you were expecting a baby. I was so happy for you and Mark. Now the special event is only a short time away. I am excited for you and Chloe starting a new life together.

  6. I know it may be really hard to do, with everything you feel like you need to do, but SLEEP, RELAX, GO TO A MOVIE (b/c you wont be going again for awhile), and take JOY in doing NOTHING. After that pretty little girl gets here you will never do nothing again! :) love you, and miss you! After she gets here I would like to maybe take a quick airplane to Austin, after everything calms down a little.....


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