Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Christmas Madness

Longcor Family Christmas photo...don't mind Mark
Things are wild around here as usual. We had a great Christmas and were able to split it between both sides of our family. We are lucky to be able to have that opportunity. My parents are only three hours away and Mark's parents live in the same city as us. It's rough to have to feel like you are cutting it short with each side, but it's better than having to alternate every other year.

Chloe says, "Let it Be." Great message for a new year.
I'm still working on our thank you notes. Chloe is busy playing with all her new toys (play kitchen, art easel, race car track and dress up clothes, and more). Mark has been painting our bedroom. And we are all anxiously awaiting the gender reveal of our little G2. This is just a small part of what is going on in Granthamania.

I want to get back to blogging on a more consistent basis if only to have the documentation for our second baby. This blog has given me a great baby-book-backup for Chloe. Since my morning sickness is finally fading, I just may have the will power to get back to documenting our lives.

I haven't posted bump pictures because there still isn't much of a bump. I thought you were supposed to 'pop' sooner with the second baby. I'm not seeing it...maybe it's because I'm still down ~5 pounds from my pre-pregnacy weight. Maybe next week I'll post pictures to compare Chloe's bump with G2's.

Chloe's first french's hard to get a toddler to sit still.

french braid...from the needs more practice.
 My talented mom made Chloe some dress up clothes for Christmas. Unfortunately, we are missing the photo of her pink Sleeping Beauty dress. It's her favorite and we have worn it several times...outside the house. She insisted on wearing to Mark's parents' house for Christmas. She wanted to be fancy for the occasion.

cowgirl, inspired by Jesse from Toy Story

Snow White

I know the pictures are random. They could have been a whole lot more random since I haven't posted pictures in ages...I have a lot of photos to post if I want to catch up. Truth is...that probably won't happen. haha.


  1. Enjoyed the photos. I'm glad Chloe is enjoying her dresses. Maybe I should have made more pink ones. :) You did a great job on the french braid.

  2. OMG Chloe is getting so big - wow!! I can't believe our girls are 2 and half!!
    Sorry you weren't feeling well - I totally feel your pain my friend! Ugh. My misery didn't truly start fading until around week 14 or so ... and even then it came back a few times here and there like a cruel joke. I was down 9 lbs in the first 14 weeks b/c of how i felt! Eek! I am finally just getting close to evening out and back to my pre-pregnancy weight at 20 weeks now!! Crazy stuff. I just started to really pop out in the last 2 weeks. You will too I am sure! Glad to hear you are feeling better now though. Chloe is so pretty - i love that photo of her playing the piano :)

  3. I am so excited to see the Longcor celebration. Everyone looks happy but Chloe looking for her sock she lost. She is adorable. Her new wardrobe that your Mother made for her is very pretty. You are blessed to have someone who can help dress Chloe. You did real good with the french braid. I do so hope she will want to play the piano. I loved music and my Mother was happy I liked music. I am ready to know what God has planned for the family. Give Chloe a big hug for me.


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