Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 week bump

I've been really bad about taking bump progress pictures with this baby. I'm really glad that I was so good about it with Chloe. It's been kind of fun to go back and compare each week.

I finally remembered to take a photo last night.

I think it's a little bigger this time. Maybe? Oh well. At least I don't get stretch marks since my belly takes it's time 'popping.' ha
Let me also say, "Hooray for being half way finished." I really am trying to enjoy this in case it's the last time for us, but I really am not enjoying this pregnancy much. The only thing I've enjoyed is feeling her kick. She is strong.
Look, the bump is even smaller when the shirt isn't covering it up...
At 20 weeks, I'm finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight!
For good measure, here are some highlights of Chloe's week.
She is starting to drop her nap. Sometimes even though she doesn't want one, her body does a force shutdown. Here, she crashed out on her little couch. How cute is this? I tried to wake her up for dinner, but she wouldn't budge.

We took her to feed the ducks and geese. If you don't know, geese are pretty aggressive. I got bit by one while we were feeding them. But, we kept a really good eye on Chloe and she was untouched. Don't think I won't punt a goose if it attacked my precious daughter. ha.

Chloe and her buddy Rocco coloring.

Rocco and Chloe rested for about 5 seconds before they resumed chasing each other in their game of tag.


  1. Well you look great! And I was thinking you were much further behind me but you really aren't - only 4 weeks. We are half way there! YAY! Chloe is looking so old- where does the time go! How is she doing with understanding what's going on? Julianna kind of gets it... but I don't think 100% until she actually sees HIM lol. J is starting to fight the nap too- some days it just doesnt' happen. But most days she still naps.
    Glad you are feeling better- its only been the last 3-4 weeks that I can kind of enjoy most food again- seems like you are right there as well. I just gained 2 lbs over what I started off at- since i had such a rough time too :(

  2. Love the bump photos. Looks to me like your about the same size as you were with Chloe. BTW-I hope your brother doesn't see Chloe napping on her couch...he will be wishing he still had his. :)

  3. Looking good and very happy. Wish I could sleep in lala land like Chloe. She is so sweet. Kim, I think you have been watching too many football games. I wish I could see you with a punt kick. Chloe has a cute friend. Glad to see you feeling better. Keep the photos coming. I miss you and your family. Glad Diane can help you when needed.


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