Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Home Tour: Part 3 or ~A Surprise~

This is the last of the home tour. I'll probably show before/after pictures as we do some updating on the house. Right now we don't have any work planned, but we know what our projects are for the future.

Below is Chloe's room. I decided to go with a blue since her room at our other house was pink. I needed to change it up a bit. She seems to like it. I knew I wanted polka dots, but I wasn't really sure how to accomplish the task. I've never used a stencil, but I was pretty sure it would be messy and smudge everywhere. After checking out the InterWeb, I came across this YouTube video on Polka Dot Wall Painting. It was a perfect solution. It was so easy and fast! Chloe loves it and she tries to lick the wall the dots on the wall...she seems to think it's ice cream.

As you can see, I only did one and a half walls with the dots. I didn't want the whole room to be so busy.

This is the laundry room. It's directly across from Chloe's room. I'll eventually paint and put some organizational shelving and such in here.

Now, don't judge. I was going to clean this room for pictures, but then I decided to just be honest. This is the second guest room. It's not decorated. I use it to sort and fold my laundry. I haven't bothered decorating it, because it's going to be a baby room in a few short months! That's right...

We are having baby G2 in June of 2013. We are about 14 weeks right now...starting the second trimester.

Chloe turns 3 in May and this baby will make his/her appearance shortly after her celebration. We are so excited!

Chloe is very adamant that she wants a brother. Mark is sure it's another girl. I have no idea nor do I care. I really don't. I would love to have son and think I would be sad to never have a boy. But, Chloe's so much fun that another girl would be a wonderful I have a lot of girl clothes. We'll know more in January! 


  1. OMG that is so awesome!! Congrats!! YAY! So exciting!
    I hope you are felling good! And our 2nd ones will be born a month apart - too funny!! It will be fun to compare big sister stories :)
    Oh and CHloe's room looks great too! I love the stencils, great idea!
    Have you told Chloe yet? Does she get it? Julianna just figured out that when i ask her what's in mommy's belly, she says BABY! But I don't think she really understands the full meaning of baby is LOL. I guess she'll get it in May - haha!

    1. Thanks! I'm starting to feel better. I wanted to tell you when you posted your big news! But, it was still a little early for us. I think it is too funny that our timing with children is so similar and I'm really excited to share the big sister stories with you. It will be fun to watch the girls grow into their new roles.

      I did tell Chloe. She looks at me like I'm crazy when I say there is a baby in my tummy. But, I don't have much of a bump yet so I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm teasing her. You're right...they are gonna get it once that babies are actually here. It will be quite a shock to them I'm sure. :)

  2. I love the blue in Chloe's room! And the polka dots are great, too!

    And congratulations on baby #2!!! It's a big adjustment going from 1 to 2, but it's so fun to see big sister in action!

    1. Thanks! I believe it (about it being an adjustment). As happy as we are, I think I'm in mourning (a little) that Chloe's day as an only child will be over. I love getting the inside scoop on your blog. I feel like it's my cheat sheet for what's to come!

  3. Congratulations!!!

    Love the polka dots in Chloe's room, so cute and you did a great job on them.

  4. I have been so excited to share the good news with some of my good friends. I ask about you everytime I talk to Shorty. You make a loving caring MaMa.My room was always blue while I was growing up. The room is very pretty. She looks very happy sitting in her bedroom.


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