Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jumping the Gun

Disclaimer: I have not forgotten the reason for the season...this is a post about my dilemma for what to get a 7 month old for Christmas as well as setting a future precedence.

I know Santa has a few more weeks before he comes to town. Trust me, I'm not rushing him. BUT, this is Chloe's first Christmas!! Am I buying into the consumerist crap that floods the market this time of year? God, I hope not! Probably so...grrrrr.

I read a few GREAT ideas on the mommy board I frequent. Mark seems to think these ideas are ridiculous; however, I think Christmas has gotten ridiculous. Here are the two ideas:
  1. Want, Need, Wear, Read - This is pretty self-explanatory. You buy your child an item from each category.
  2. Only 3 presents - If it was enough for Jesus, it's enough for you.
I love the logic on number 2. However, can I really only buy my child three things for Christmas? I doubt it. I already purchased three items...a book, and two sing-a-ma-jigs. I'm leaning towards the first one as she gets older, items become more expensive and the 'I want, I wants' rear their ugly heads.

Speaking of the 'I wants.' One family tradition we will be starting is giving to less fortunate children. For now, Mark and I will do the buying but when Chloe is old enough she will pick out a few toys to give to another child. It's something my parents had us do and I believe we learned an invaluable lesson from it.

Lastly, I have NO IDEA what to tell Santa to bring Chloe for Christmas. I'm thinking about a little red wagon or a rocking horse. I know she won't remember what he brings but she's been good and he really wants to leave something under the tree for her on Christmas morning. Maybe she wants her first doll? He should probably bring her diapers...that's what she uses the most!

I know this: Christmas is going to be both stressful and blissful this year! We are setting our traditions for our family. I want it to be perfect. Life doesn't get much sweeter!


  1. This is a special Christmas for your family. Chloe will need her stocking that will be with her for many years and her a baby doll that will become her baby to love. You will make the right choice. Have a great time as you build beautiful memories with your little girl. Every year will be special as you watch her grow up.I am proud of you giving Christmas all the right thoughts.

  2. As you know the first Christmas really is for the parents. Chloe will be more interested in the boxes, bows and wrapping paper. Don't stress about your own tradition, it will work it's self out. "Flying by the seat of my pants" has become my tradition. I'm just going with the flow. Of course that is much easier when your kids are grown. :)

  3. I agree with Diane, it'll all work itself out! We will raise our children knowing what the meaning of Christmas is, but I think at this age, children are so pure and innocent, that buying them (excessive) presents is perfectly fine. I know we go overboard, but the joy in a childs face is priceless.


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