Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Few Updates for the 'Book'

I'm at the neighbor's house so I'm writing this from my iPhone. That
means no pictures but as Tori pointed out, Blogger isn't really
cooperating right now anyway. These are just a few of the things on my
mind today.

1. Landry is going to be 2 tomorrow. I need to see that kid again (and
soon) or he is going to be driving by the time I I want to
meet his new sister and see his cousins, too.

2. Chloe has two teeth now! It happened so quickly and I feel like
it's the start of her turning into a child (no longer a baby);
although, she'll ALWAYS be my baby!

3. She sits up without help now and today she stuck her arm out behind
herself to lower her body to the ground rather than crash.

4. She decided today that she wants to put weight on her legs. So with
the help of me or her daddy, she can 'stand.'

5. This is all going by way too fast! Time for another?!?

6. Just kidding!

7. Chloe was attacked by a mosquito in my car. I think I counted 5
bites. We weren't in the car that long...somebody needs to tell the
bug popultion in Austin that it's mid-November. Bug off! (pun intended)

8. I can't wait for Chloe's Christmas stocking to get here!!!! It's
soooo cute. No. They are not homeade...we are going to do this Our
Way. Plus, I can't find the time to make a stocking. How crazy am I
for almost ordering an extra stocking for a future child?!? Should I?
So they all match?

9. Driving to Duncan for Thanksgiving! Super excited to see Granny,
Granddad and the rest of the Granthamaniacs!!

10. Pictures for our Christmas card. I want a family picture with the
dogs, too. Is it gonna happen?!?

11. Wrote our first letter to Mark's brother, Ben. He's in basic
training now. I'm going to try and write a letter a week. I need to
send him pictures of Chloe. I asked Mark, "Is there anything
particular you want me to write Ben?" his response? "Tell him 'Sup?'"
So I did!

12. I LOVE our king size bed! How did we live without it?

13. I've gone on long enough...

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  1. Kim, You have my curiosity really working overtime. Glad you are going to Duncan for Thanksgiving. You are so right that all the babies are growing fast. TIME MARCHES ON. Enjoy every second watching them grow up. That is a very interesting list you wrote today.I am glad you are truly a loving,carng parent and Granddaughter. I miss spending time with my loved ones. Be sure you put the Christmas stocking on here.

  2. Not sure this post needs a comment from me but I like your list. Tell Mark those are very profound words for an older brother to a younger brother. :)

  3. Love the list! You think you need to see my kids? I'm fixing to go into withdrawals if I don't meet Chloe soon! I can't believe she has teeth! She's getting so big!


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