Friday, November 19, 2010

My Busy Little Baby

Chloe!  You have been so busy lately. We have so many things to share. I'll try to make this snappy.
We started you on solids a little earlier than I thought we were definitely ready. You have tried rice cereal, pears, apples and sweet potato.
First Bite of 'Real' Food


Not Really Sure What to Think...

Daddy's Turn to Feed You

Here is a video of your first meal. Shorty and Pop, this is for you!

A Few Days Later...Feeding Yourself

I'd have to say that sweet potato is your favorite! See for yourself:

Sweet Potato is Goooooood

Getting the Hang of It
Just a fun picture of our sweet angel.
Baby Blues

You are diggin' the exersaucer now that you are putting weight on your legs. You bounce and bounce and bounce.
Exersaucer - Good Times

Happy Baby

You investigate everything. And why not? It's all new to you! I love to watch you figure things out.
Our Little Inspector

Love This Face

My Shooting Star
What will you learn tomorrow?


  1. Yum! She sure makes it look good! I LOVE the pic of her baby blues! She's so sweet!

  2. I could just gobble her up. There is something humbling about watching a baby work so hard to learn new things. Thank you for the video and tell Mark I heard the ladle comment. :)

  3. She is adorable and eager to learn what is in her reach. She sure can eat the new food you are giving her. I love the expressions on her sweet face. The bright blue eyes are beautiful. Is this not what you were waiting for,to see first time surprises in her life.

  4. I forgot to say, you got some good photos showing her teeth.


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