Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

It's Chloe's first official holiday. We had a sad attempt at making our first family portrait this morning. We'll have to get some help taking a better one sometime. It's hard to do self portraits.

We plan to go to the firework show tonight. It's just down the street so we're going to walk. Should be super fun.

Thank you to our past, present and future military. We are thankful for what we call freedom.

On another note. If you want to go to our Shutterfly site (link is in the previous post) to see more pictures of Chloe, you need to e-mail me for a password. It's not big deal; I just don't censor the pictures as much and don't want the entire world to have access to our family photos.


  1. I think the family picture is cute! Enjoy the fireworks!!

  2. Enjoyed the time spent with you last week. Chloe is a doll and her bedroom is very pretty for the little princess. Wish there had been more time to visit with you. Have fun at the celebration. The picture is real good.

  3. Love her 4th outfit. She will be the hit of the fireworks! I think your self portrait turned out really good. Hmmm, wonder why we haven't thought to take a family shot when we are taking so many photos of Chloe!?!


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