Friday, July 16, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Poor Mark. Chloe wanted nothing to do with him for about two weeks. I read somewhere that it's a stage. The baby seems to be comfortable with women (mainly their mom). They cry when men hold them. I felt so bad for him because all he wanted to do was hold and cuddle with her. She was NOT having it! Thankfully we are no longer dealing with the issue and Mark is loving it.

 These are some pictures Mark took of Chloe after her bath. I'm so thankful he has a good eye for 'Kodak Moments.' I'm usually busy with Chloe and it's hard to get a free hand to snap the shots.

This is an 'almost smile' picture. She has some big grins now but it's hard to get the shot.

This, my friends, is why she smiles most of the time. Looks pretty boring to me but she loves those dang bears. Mom and Dad are jealous that they get the majority of her sweet smiles.

This is Chloe and her sweet friend, Kennedy. Kennedy is 10 days older. Her parents came over to watch the Fourth of July fireworks with us. It was hilarious! Chloe would cry and when she would stop, Kennedy would start. We even have a video of them 'singing' a duet.


  1. I'm so glad Chloe and her Dad are on "terms" again. I remember a little girl doing this to her uncle for years and having to bribe her with things including her grey cowboy boots. Chloe and Kennedy will have so much fun growing up together.

  2. That was wonderful seeing her close and smiling . She looked so cute in her knew outfit. I love her big beautiful blue eyes.Looks like her friend has big eyes too. I hope to hear the duet they sang or cried too.

  3. Chloe and Kennedy look like 2 little book ends. Maybe their duet was Michael Jackson's Ebony and Ivory! :) Glad Chloe is "warming" up to her Daddy again. Hope Mark wasn't too tramatized by the situation.


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