Sunday, January 3, 2010


Mark and I were both off of work for the past week. I think Mark would agree that the 'nesting' period is upon us. He worked so hard the entire week under my direction. Most of the work was in our living space downstairs. Other than the kitchen, we made a few finishing touches to make our house feel more like a home (i.e. curtains, furniture placement, etc.). Here is the before and after of the kitchen followed by some shots of our dining/living area.

Overall, the kitchen remodel was super cheap. We resurfaced the coutertops rather than paying for new ones, stained the cabinets, put up a backsplash and replaced the sink, faucets and wall plates. Now we just need to add the knobs on the doors and drawers and paint a little. These are some pretty terrible pictures. You can't really see the difference the stain made to the cabinets.

Below, are the curtains we hung in the living room. We hope they make the room a little warmer, too.

We put up the window sashes using curtain tiebacks because they are much cheaper. Doubt anyone will ever notice...well, maybe my mom ;). We also bought the buffet table in the right lower part of the picture. It has a lot of storage for cookbooks and games. I can't wait to hang a family picture above it.

We also bought a crib and matress for the nursery. Mark put it together for me on Friday afternoon! No pictures until we are done with the nursery, which my wonderful mom is coming to help with soon!!! Tuesday cannot get here soon enough.


  1. WOW!!! Love the drapes and window sashes,they really give the rooms a finished look.
    You can tell by the photos the difference in the cabinet stain. The darker really looks 100% better. You did a good job picking the color.
    Really like the buffet too. They work great for extra storage plus they are beautiful pieces of furniture.
    Can't wait 'til Tuesday to know if you're having a G or G-ette.
    I have my paint brush ready.

  2. I thought the big day was to be on 1-04-10. I have stayed close to the phone today. The window decor is very nice but I never thought it wouldn't be. The kitchen and dining area are done with very good taste. I always enjoyed my Mama helping me fix things(and help pay for most of it).I had a wonderful time helping prepare for my Grandchildren,a special gift from God. I'll be anxious to hear from you. Love,Grandma L

  3. It would be nice if your parents paid for it huh Kim. I guess you ended up with cheap parents. You and Mark can be proud you did it yourself.

  4. Well said... amen.

    PS. The house looks awesome Kim!


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