Monday, January 11, 2010

Half Way There (the Bump)

Mark takes a profile shot of me every Sunday night so we can 'document' the bump. We thought it would be something fun to go back and look at since changes happen so gradually that you don't notice them until you wake up one morning and can't button your pants or see your feet.

I still don't have much to show it appears; although, it must be becoming a little more obvious. I've had three strangers notice now. The wierest thing I've heard so far (and I know it will get more strange) was: 'Is it going to be a boy?' When I said, 'No, it's a little girl.' He said, 'Oh, I made a mistake. I thought because of your eyes...'

I really wish he had finished his sentence. I have no idea what about my eyes could possibly give away the gender of our baby. Who knows! People come up with the strangest things.

Anyway, here is our belly pic from last night. We are a week past our halfway point!


  1. I can't believe any one can tell you are expecting a little one. You look real good and happy as can be. She is not even starting to add many inches to her Mama. I am so anxious to see how you and Diane fix my room for Sweetie. I enjoyed the orange walls. It added color to my skin.(HA) I love you.

  2. Your bump looks good....but it's going to get biggerrrrrr!!! Can't believe it's halfway.

  3. So Todd says, "I hope YOU look that good when you're pregnant." I guess I would take that as a compliment? Ha! You do look great though and I can't wait to meet your daughter :)

    That's crazy what that person said about your eyes.. wonder what kind of wives tale that was?

  4. ARE you sure you're preggo!? you look great Kim!


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