Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Happenings

The past week has been wonderful. I'm sure the first thing I should probably tell you all about is that I have finally been feeling Baby G move around. He/She gave me a birthday present a day early. On Sunday, December 20, I was lying in bed when I felt a small bubble feeling. I told Mark about it and let him know that I was 90% sure it was the baby moving. Needless to say, I payed very close attention the next day. I felt it again around 7 p.m. on my birthday. This time I was sure it was Baby G. He/She was moving around like crazy on Christmas Day. I'm looking forward to the day Mark will be able to feel it too.

Christmas was short and fun. We went to Houston for Christmas Eve to be with my side of the family. We played games, talked and watched some movies. Mostly, we laughed! My parents cooked an amazing breakfast and dinner Mom cooked some tasty quail and biscuits which is now a Longcor tradition on Christmas morning and my dad tried out a fantastic new recipe for some beef tenderloin.

Christmas Day was spent with the Grantham side. Things were much the same there. We played Pictionary, watched the Hangover and followed it up with dinner at the Omni. Mark's mom is an amazing cook but this year her health kept her from showcasing her talent. She has been a lot peppier the past few months.

On Christmas Day, my parents drove to Austin to help Josh and I with a few projects. Today (12/26/09) my Dad helped Josh put up a new range microwave while my mom helped me stain our kitchen cabinets. We will use our new video camera (from my parents) to give you a tour-de-kitchen in a few days. Josh, Mark and I are very thankful that we have parents that are so willing to lend a hand and pass on their homeowner knowledge.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I'm beat and going to bed.

P.S. Shout out to Chris and Katie! They got engaged tonight and Mark and I could not be more excited for the special couple. We love you guys!!!! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special evening.


  1. We certainly enjoyed our crazy little Christmas too. Short but sweet!!

    Your kitchen is looking great. Sorry I could see the project through to the end but I know you and Mark will do a beautiful job with the finishing touches.

  2. I was so glad Diane and Craig could come by for a short time. They were getting home to get ready for your holiday time together. It sounds like a fun and busy time together. Glad Mark and you could celebrate with his family. Your house and Josh's place got a lot done in a short time. Kim, you haven't felt anything like the few months ahead will be like. Enjoy every movement you are blessed with.I had a special Christmas with all my Thomas family. We had a wonderful meal and entertainment with the my 3 Greatgrandsons.


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