Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Countertops!

Finally, I am able to post pictures of our new resurfaced countertops.

We had a little mishap at the Grantham household. Mark's computer, which was the only one still standing (let us not forget the Mac incident), gave out on us. So, we had to give in and purchase a new computer today. Not the one I want. But, I'm not complaining...a working computer is much better than the alternative.

I do not have any picture of our 'before' condition in the kitchen. You just have to understand that this is 1000 times better. I'm not exaggerating. You really can't tell much from these pictures and I'm sure it will bore most of you but my Mom will understand!
Please note the new sink and faucet. We no longer have a split sink! This means I don't have to worry about people putting food on the wrong side. It's the little things in life...
Now we just have to refinish the cabinets and put up a backsplash.

I guess I should also share that we are going to find out if we are having a boy or girl on January 5 at 10:30 a.m. I am soooo stoked! You can vote on the upper right of the screen (or leave a comment) on whether you think it's a he or a she. I might let you guys know when we find out ;).


  1. WOW!!!The counters look wonderful. I like the sink and faucet too. Can't wait 'til we can do the cabinets.

    What kind of computer did you buy? I didn't know you were looking at them. In my tech challenged world I don't know the difference between any computer.

  2. You really have updated your kitchen It looks very nice. What is the next project? I know you were wishing for a special computer but was not in a big rush to get one ( we don't always call the plays) but you can keep on wishing for the one you want. The picture I have seen looks like a little doll that will win everyones heart dressed in PINK (your favorite color.)

  3. The kitchen looks great! Good job! I still vote girl! Love you!

  4. You guys do so much to your house, Ioelm jealous!


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