Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mr. Mark

I realized today that I hardly ever talk about Mark on here. There are a two reasons for that (that I can think of at this very moment):
  1. He doesn't get on here and write about himself. Although he won't help with the blog, he does enjoy reading it.
  2. He is always with me so when I write about something, it can be assumed that he is a part of the topic being discussed. this post is dedicated to Mark!

My stud of a husband was busy last weekend in Dallas playing lacrosse. I didn't get to go b/c someone had to take care of the mutts. From what I hear, the tournament went really well. It was an alumni tournament of sorts. The old Texas Tech guys got together to play the old A&M and UT guys...among other teams.

Tonight he is busy coaching lacrosse for McNeil High School in Round Rock. They don't pay him much but he enjoys nurturing the love of and talent for lacrosse. I'm really proud of him for doing it! I think it shows off some of the characteristics I love about him the most: patience, understanding and selfless dedication.
  1. Patience for dealing with parents, coaches, players and the politics that come with it.
  2. Understanding for the players (coaches and parents, too). Last year, Mark had one student that had some issues at home. I saw in Mark's eyes when he told me about it that he truly felt for this teen and wanted the best for him. Mark is very compassionate.
  3. Self-less dedication. I know it makes Mark happy to be around lacrosse but he doesn't get much out of it monetarily and it takes a lot of time. Despite all of this, Mark decided to coach this year. It's hard to put this into words but I can sum it up with this. Anyone who can be that dedicated to anything is someone I want on my side when the ship starts to sink.
The best part is: As much as Mark loves lacrosse, I know he loves me even more and that makes me HAPPY!

I love my husband!

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  1. I don't see you as an "old" married couple; just a young and happy one.

    Mr. Funkybunch is a perfect match for you. He has got your number and knows how to push your buttons.

    Dad and I love you both very much.


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