Friday, October 17, 2008

Crocodile Tears and more

Warning: This blog may bore you to crocodile tears!

They give paint the strangest names. Crocodile Tears is the color we used in our bedroom.

This post is a bit late but Mark and I had an eventful weekend. I put him to work, again. Surprise, surprise! First up, Mark spent all day Friday painting the bedroom. I helped a little but not much which is a change because I'm the one who usually paints.
The room is still not complete. That's right! Mark won't hang the picture above the bed untill I put something in the frame. I guess that makes sense. I'll try and take another picture when it is finished. For now, Mark and I are content to not have yellowish-white walls (that's the only way I know to describe the nasty color they painted THE WHOLE HOUSE to try and sell it. What's wrong with a nice beige?

On Saturday, we woke up, went to Lowes, bought winterizer (yes I know I'm about a month late but it just cooled off in Austin) and rented an aerator. We are trying to thicken up the lawn. The people that lived here before us rented and thus did not put a lot of effort into improving the least they didn't let it die.

This weekend? We are excited that we will be going to Lubbock this weekend to attend my roommate and friend from college's wedding. Kayla is marrying Todd and we are excited to witness the nuptuals. They are a great couple!


  1. I am always so impressed with how much you guys to do your home! Nice work, I love the color!

  2. The color looks really good in the photo. I'll bet it looks even better in person. Can't wait to see it.


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