Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

I suppose I'll post some of our Halloween festivities. I haven't been and won't be blogging much. I simply don't have the time with two kiddos. Well, I have the time...I just want to use the time for other things. I will be continuing to post MJ's monthly updates. I like going back to look at Chloe's so I owe her (and myself) that. With that said, here is our Halloween:

A few days before Halloween, we carved our pumpkins. Chloe didn't really enjoy it. I should have let her paint a pumpkin instead. She just didn't like the gooey pumpkin innards. Live and learn.
This wasn't as fun as we thought it would be...ha

MJ chillin'

Chloe picked the bat pattern.

Mark free handed a double T...turned out pretty good!

Chloe chose her own costume this year. She wanted to be the yellow Angry Bird. So I took the liberty of dressing Mackenzie as the pig from the game to compliment Chloe's costume. I know they won't want to do themed costumes for long, so I'm taking advantage now.

My mom came to town to watch Chloe's pre-school parade. So I recruited her as the blue Angry Bird and we passed out candy at the trunk or treat for Chloe's school. I just love Halloween! This was C's first year to really trick or treat. We only let her go to two houses last year. This year, we all over our neighborhood with her friend Kara and her family.

She was so excited when she went to one of our neighbors' house and he answered the door dressed as a pirate! She told me that she met Captain Hook and he was nice. Oh the world through the eyes of child! It's so magical. I love people like that...they take some time out of their busy lives to brighten the world of others...especially children.

The back of my car decorated for Trunk or treat! Super fun! I spent $3 on the decor by using dollar store purchases and crafting supplies I already owned.

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  1. I had sooo much fun with you and the girls at trunk or treat.


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