Friday, October 11, 2013

Mackenzie - 4 Months



It's October 11, 2013 and you are 4 months old today!

4 months old
Time is flying! 4 months seems too old. In some ways, I'm glad you're getting older because you can play and interact with us more. But, I want you to stay little and squishy and cuddly. Pretty soon, you'll be on the move and I won't be able to hold you like I do now.

tummy time

more tummy time

 You've learned to roll over from back to front (3.5 months). That's all you would do for about a week...then you discovered your hands and feet. Now you prefer to be on your back playing with your digits. You also now grab rattles and shake them a bit. Everything goes in your mouth!

You are funny! You'll just wake up one morning and have a new trick to show us. There isn't any practicing and just do it. You seem to only attempt things when you are certain you'll accomplish it. Except for crawling. You try really hard to scoot to your sister and it really frustrates you that you can't do it. I think you'll crawl much sooner than Chloe did simply because you want to be near her.
pumpkin patch - horse ride

You have regressed in sleeping a little. You go to bed at 7, but wake up pretty consistently around 5:30. Not too bad. It's still 10.5 hours of sleep. I just don't like getting up that early. 

pumpkin patch

You haven't started solid food. You probably won't until closer to 6 months. I'll watch you and if you show an interest in eating, we'll try some rice cereal. For now, milk keeps you full. 

nap time

We've gotten a few giggles from you, but no big belly laughs yet. 

Chloe asked to hold you

Your favorite thing with the exception of Chloe is to take a bath. You get so excited when I take you into the bathroom and start prepping the water. You just lay in the tub and smile at me the whole time. 
morning walk...looking up at mom

I'm looking for teeth because Chloe started teething around 4/5 months. I don't see anything, but man you are drooling and chewing on your hands a lot.
Cohen's 5th bday bash

You are a big girl. You are 15# 11oz (80%) and 26 3/4" long (95+%). You are wearing 6 and 9 month clothing. 

When we went to the doctor, the nurse practitioner was so excited and spent extra time playing with you. She said your brain is developed like a 6 month old. This is based on the fact that you are grabbing toys with both hands in the middle of your body and pulling them up to your mouth. Apparently the ability to symmetrically use both hands to pull this off is quite an accomplishment for a 4 month old. She says she thinks you probably started seeing color quite early and that she wouldn't be surprised if you crawl and walk early based on your gross motor development. She also said it's no surprise the day you figured out this trick that you stopped rolling over; it takes a lot of work and focus and you are totally engrossed in developing this part of your brain for now. I wish I recorded what she told us word-for-word. It was fascinating.

We love your dimples and your reddish/blonde hair!
"Spider Monkey"

We love YOU, MJ!

P.S. You are going to have another aunt! Your uncle Josh proposed to Claire this past month.


  1. Enjoyed seeing the new pictures of the girls. It will be fun to see how Chloe reacts when Mackenzie starts crawling after her and getting into her things. Make sure she doesn't wear her princess dresses. Devonn

  2. She is growing up so fast. Of course it is of no surprise to me that my granddaughters are advanced. :)

    I'm anxious to see just exactly what her hair is going to be like. I'm thinking it might be curly too. A jeweled color curl top.


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