Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mackenzie - 3 Months


It's September 11, 2013 and you are 3 months old today! You were exactly 13 weeks yesterday.

The middle photo is MJ watching Chloe jump on the couch out of the corner of her eye...she always watches Chloe.

You are still sleeping through the night. Every once in a while you'll wake up before 5 with a dirty diaper or wanting to refuel the tank. But, for the most part you sleep from 7-8ish until 6:30. Getting you to sleep is hit or miss. If you aren't gassy and you are full, you'll happily lay in your bed sucking your fist until you fall asleep. If you are gassy? All hell breaks loose in our house.

quiet observation.

Honestly, when you have gas is the only time you are unpleasant. You are the most even-tempered, mild-mannered and quiet baby. You are a quiet observer.

You are blowing spit bubbles now. You rolled over once (from front to back) and I totally missed it. You are smiling all the time now. You 'talk' to Chloe a lot. Lots of aaaahhhhs.

She likes the Bumbo!

You like naps and willingly take them if you aren't working on a new skill. For example when you learned how to bat objects with your fist, you didn't nap for two days. I really do think that these neurological developments interfere with your sleep. I could be wrong, but its seems like you want to practice your new tricks.

Chloe made Mackenzie a tent

You like to be sitting up looking around. You smile a lot when I pull you into your sitting position. You love your swing and the monkey that hangs from your playmat.

first WALK in the jogger...she won't be able to go jogging with me for 3 more months.

You are a big girl. You are already out of your 3 month clothes for the most part and are wearing 6 months. You are so long that I can't get the 3 month onesies to button. You were in the 98th percentile for height at 2 months and nearly 2 inches longer than Chloe at 2 months...and Chloe is tall. I wonder if you girls are going to be tall as adults. As Shorty likes to tell me, I'll probably be the shortest in our little family. You have to beat 5'9". You can do it!

We love you, Mackenzie!

*We will never forget. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of those who lost their lives on this day 12 years ago.


  1. Days are passing so fast; it seems like just yesterday that you and Josh were this size.
    I'm sure she gets her gassiness from Mark. He's pretty cranky when he's gassy. LOL

  2. KIM.You have been blessed with to pretty girls who will bring you much joy. I enjoyed your nice words that the pictures shared. I will look forward to seeing them soon.

  3. Awww 3 months already - wow! Where does the time go?! Tyler watches Julianna out of the corner of his eye too - I love it! Your girls will be best friends! And the bumbo chair is the best. We just started using ours... T loves it with his tray and a couple toys on there for him to touch and try to put in his mouth :)


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