Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mackenzie - 2 Months


It's August 11, 2013 and you are two months old today!

You are sleeping 7-9 hours at night. You go to bed around 8pm. and wake up around 5am. You are putting yourself to sleep most nights. You lay in bed quietly and kick until you fall sleep. We have a rough night occasionally.

You are smiling now. It takes some work, but you'll do it. You are also cooing more now. I love your little voice and I'm pretty sure we are getting the start of a giggle.

You are still enjoying your baths. You've discovered your sister. If Chloe lays next to you on the floor, you'll roll to your side and bat at her with your fist. You really want to reach out and grab her.

We go to your two month check up this Thursday and get measurements then. One thing is certain: You are a big girl!

You still look like you will have blond hair. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are staying blond, too. You seem to have some of the Swedish heritage from your dad's side.

 We love you, Mackenzie!


  1. Can't believe she is already 2 months old. Time is passing in a flash!

  2. She is a pretty baby. I love the nice report you sent to share with me. She and Chloe will enjoy each other. Mackenzie and her lavender monkey looks to be very ready to be playing before long. I love you.


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