Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Golden Rule Days

Chloe has started school. Preschool that is. It's only two days a week and day one went well. Her teacher said she enjoyed "running around the playground pretending to be a pirate." I think that's awesome! We love pirates around here. As Mike Leach would say, "Swing your Sword" baby girl.

I think her favorite time was lunch. She talked about her strawberries and crackers a lot. She didn't say goodbye to me when I left her there. But when I came to pick her up, she yelled "Mommy" in the most excited way. She also had to show Mackenzie to all her friends and teachers.

Mackenzie is now regularly pulling 8-9 hour stretches at night. You don't have to tell me how lucky I am. Both of my girls were excellent sleepers. I'm sure we'll have some regression as growth spurts occur, but I'm happy to sleep more than 3-4 hours at a time with any frequency I can get.

She's also doing social smiling now. I have to smile and talk to her for a few minutes, but I always get a smile after a little head bobbing. She will also coo at Chloe to try and get her attention. Chloe is usually too busy to pay her any mind. Though she does pay attention to MJ on her own terms and it usually involved kisses or hand/head caressing.

Tummy time.

She has a mohawk. 

Daddy and Mackenzie playing chase with Chloe.
 I took the picture of Chloe when she was 6 weeks old. The picture of MJ is 6 weeks also. This was purely coincidental. I think MJ is only one day older than Chloe in her pictures.

top is Chloe; bottom is MJ


  1. Awww how precious is Mackenzie! 8-9 hours at night is very good mama! Tyler is sleeping about 9 or so now - good job! :)
    Our preschool doesn't start here until September... but I know in other states, school starts much earlier in August. Good that Chloe likes it! Julianna can't wait to start school in September - every time we drive by it she says "Theres my school!" lol

  2. I'm glad Chloe had a good 1st day of school. She really looked cute in her outfit. Love the lunchbox! Can't believe how big MacKenzie is getting. She's grown so much since I've seen her.

  3. My how time passes. Chloe looks older than a few weeks ago. Her pictures are so special for first day at school.Sweet smile like you Kim. Mark with M.J is happy with his two little girls. I see how much the girls looked at 6 weeks.They are very pretty and be smart like you.


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