Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Announcement(s)

Having a new baby is exciting and nothing can top that, but we do have news that comes awfully close.

But first, I have iPhone picture to share. We baked in honor of our big surprise.


Chocolate Chip Cookies from scratch
Chloe is taking swimming lessons. She took Mommy and Me when she was around two, but that wasn't really helping her much so we dropped out of the class. This year we signed up for lessons through the city. I'm not involved at all other than walking her to the pool. The class is two weeks long (Monday through Thursday). She just completed her first week. There were no tears! She loves it. If only I could convince her to stop playing on the steps of the pool while the teachers are talking.  Three year olds just don't have the same priorities as adults.
She loves making silly faces for the camera.
Kenzie and I waiting on Chloe.
You can see the back of Chloe's head.
Chloe is starting preschool this fall. Mark's work offers tuition assistance for daycare, so we are going to put her in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is super excited. She's been asking to go to school for months now. I think it's because she enjoys Sunday school so much when we actually make it to church. I'm excited for her to be able to play with other kids her age. That's all we are trying to accomplish by enrolling her. She needs more stimulation that I can provide with a new baby at home.

This brings me to my announcement...Mark is changing jobs, again. (Thus, the tuition assistance.) We both loved ebay/PayPal. They were a great company to work for and he is sad to leave. But, another opportunity was presented and it was too good to pass up. He will be working for Facebook starting in August! I can't believe that when we started dating that Facebook was a startup in Cambridge, MA. We had just signed up for accounts and had no idea what it would turn into nor that it would be paying our bills some 8 years later. I also can't believe the CEO of Mark's new company is younger than us! Makes me feel old. Anyway, I'm super excited for my husband!


  1. Cookies...YUM! For some reason I think Mark loves chocolate chip cookies. (wink, wink)
    Glad Chloe is enjoying her swimming lessons. It won't be long before she can swim to "Chloe's waterfell" all by herself without a life jacket.
    We are so proud of Mark. Of course he could do it without the encouragement from his supportive wife. :)
    It's hard to believe FB has only been around for 8 years. Y'all are getting old because now you have a story to tell about "I remember when FB just started."

  2. Wow big changes coming your way! (Although having a new baby is change enough haha!) - congrats on your husband's new job... and congrats on Chloe starting preschool in the fall. It's a good age like you said- and they need friends their age. Julianna is starting too - she is used to daycare (the lady that watches her doesn't have other kids she watches, so she doesn't get to play with kids her age very much either) - so I think she will love daycare too! I bet Chloe will love it as well!
    As for swimming- that is great! The earlier the better. Julianna took lessons this past winter. My husband took her (I was too pregnant and not feeling well enough to bring her most days) - and he had a hard time getting her to listen to the instructor and get off the stairs too. BUT ... now since we are swimming off the back of the boat, she has totally taken OFF with swimming with her life jacket on. She gets in and out of the water and swims alone by herself - I guess she just needed to do it when she was ready... just like everything else with these toddlers! :) Getting the foundation with the lessons is very smart of you :)


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