Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter 2013

Here is a photo post of our Easter. Better late than never.

(by the way, I hate that Blogger has stopped letting me put captions on my photos. It works on my Mac but not my PC. That just means the comments are under the photos in a sloppy way. )

 Decorating Easter eggs

New Scooter from the Easter Bunny.

Going to hunt eggs. 

She just spotted her first egg. 

She has not stopped talking about hunting eggs since this day. 


Just so pretty.

Another one.

Love this photo. She is so happy about her finds.

Family photo.

DonDon (Mark's Dad) and Chloe

Shorty (my mom) and Chloe


  1. Happy Easter- I love Chloe's dress- so pretty! And I bet she loves her scooter! You look great by the way - hope you are feeling ok! It's getting close.... yay!

    1. I'm not as close as you! I'm so jealous that you'll be finished before me :) haha. I can't wait to see pictures of little man.

  2. Kim, I sent an answer after Easter but failed to send it. What a great time our Sweet Chloe had to show off her fun time with the Easter eggs and the pretty dress Shorty made for her. She will be her baby sister,s Little Mama. Glad you sent the sweet pictures of family being together for the holiday. I thank you for the photos you sent of Chole showing off her pretty Easter attire. She knows how to poise to be a Movie star. Kim,You look so pretty and happy. Ilove you.


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