Friday, September 14, 2012

Rainy Day Remix

Chloe and I took a break today. We took a break from our two-week-long, indoor packing party. She needed to go outside and play. The funny part is: we chose a rainy day to take that outdoor break. A bit backwards, no?

We've missed the rain around here. Also, it cooled things off a bit. It's too stinkin' hot around here to play outside at noon. So after lunch, we went outside to destroy the puddles.

Then we came inside for a bath to clean up that dirty, but oh-so-cute, face. She's a mess (literally and figuratively).


  1. Wish my lunch could look that good after I,ve eaten. It,s fun playing in the gutter. Glad you got some rain.

  2. Stomping through puddles is just too much fun! Love that messy face.

  3. OMG look how long Chloe's hair is!! Wow! She is so precious in that first shot - I love her face - julianna does that squinchy face too! HAHA! Must be a toddler thing! lol Playing in the rain is fun by the way! haha!


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