Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We had a pretty good Christmas. I love this time of year and spending time with family. This one seemed to pass too quickly. I have plenty of pictures from Christmas in HTX with my family. I didn't get many from Christmas with Mark's family due to some unforeseen circumstances.

She ate all of Santa's cookies.

Her 'cheese' face.

Being goofy before Christmas dinner.

The Granthamaniacs

(some of the) Grandkids and Great-grandkids.

Christmas at Shorty and Pop's

Mark, Me, Shorty, Chloe, Pop and Uncle Josh (left to right)

Chloe is excited about this present.

Chloe likes the backpack from great-'ant' Devonn

Santa found Chloe at Shorty and Pop's
 Chloe had potty training pants and silverware in her stocking. We will start potty training next week. She also got crayons, a coloring book, a puzzle and an outfit. Her big present was the Little People Zoo.
The big present from Santa

Great-Grandma making Chloe go zoom-zoom.

Playing in tent from Claire.

She stole my sock monkey hat.

Playing guitar with Pop.

Reading Great-Grandma a story.

Mark and I acting like fools.

Ice cream with Pop.

Our annual goofy Christmas pic...
'Waking up for Santa'
We don't really all share a bed...Mark snores too loud. haha.


  1. What a great time with the family in HTX. Chloe was very entertaining. She was the life of Christmas. She likes everyone and everything around her. Diane had a wonderful kitchen full of food and goodies. Kim was always having a happy time. It was fun spending time with Josh and Claire. Glad I could be with you this year.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great Christmas. Love the goofy picture.

  3. I absolutely LOVE that goofy pic, it's way too cute! Looks like everyone had a great Christmas! Miss y'all!

  4. Awww looks like a fabulous christmas! I hope Chloe had a great time opening presents and enjoying the special day. And look how long her hair is getting! Wow!


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