Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Visit with Santa...

Christmas 2011

Chloe has already been to see Santa (Sassy, as she calls him). She was less than thrilled this year. No matter how hard we tried, she would not smile. She was very serious the entire time. At one point, I thought she was going to jump out of his lap. But, she sat there like a good girl and glared at Mark and I for handing her to a hairier-than-dad stranger.

See how much as changed since last year? I can't believe that's the same baby!

Christmas 2010


  1. Kimberly, I was overwhelmed seeing Chloe on Santa's lap like a big girl. That is a real cute photo. Time passes so fast and it was so many months ago that she came to see me. I am glad you had this picture taken. It is really a jewel.

  2. She's learning Santa is serious business. Cute!!!

  3. At least you got her to sit on his lap. Kaiden absolutely refused to do it and Mailee cried!

  4. haha Chloe does not look happy for sure! We are going to try it for the first time this year - I am thinking we are going to get the same look from julianna or a meltdown... take your pick! haha!

  5. That picture is priceless! At least she's not screaming! :)


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