Tuesday, November 8, 2011

IPhone update on Chloe

While Mark and I were in NOLA, Chloe stayed with my parents. My mom was awesome and sent us picture of Chloe while we were gone. Here are some of them:

After their visit to my dad and brother's office.

About to go outside and 'shide.'

New overalls from Shorty and Pop!

On our way home. Shorty and Pop wore her out!
Chloe is now sitting in a booster seat and feeding herself.
What a big girl!
Now for the grand finale. Chloe has a pretty extensive vocabulary for a 17 month old. This past week, she learned the word 'frog.' Her toddler lisp...if that's what you call it...makes it sound like a 'choice' word. I'll let you decide. haha. Turn your volume up and listen good...


  1. Cute pictures. Sounds like "frog" to me. More "special" words to come.

  2. We had such a good time spoiling Chloe while y'all were gone. Your Dad was worn-out. He was asleep before you got to I-45.

    I'm so glad frogs are a favorite of Chloe's. She will be saying "frog" alot. It will keep you on your toes. :)

  3. hahahah! That is too funny! :) Love the pics from Shorty and Pops- she is seriously so pretty! I bet they all had a great time!

  4. omg. I LOVE the frog word! Sooo freakin cute! :) Julianna just started saying "Good Girl" out of the blue (probably b/c we say it to her and our dog LOL) but it sounds more like "Guug Gahh" haha. THey are so cute at this age- ok well any age!

  5. That was thoughtful of Shorty and Pop to get some new pictures of Chloe. She is so ready to be a big girl and surprise the family with all she can do. The photos are real good and showing how cute she is.

  6. she is getting so big! i can't believe abby and chloe are about the same age... abby says mama, dad, and dog but that's about it.


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