Saturday, January 22, 2011

Knock Knock - Who's There?

New door knobs!

I wish I had known a few things when we bought our house. For example, how much new door knobs cost. Had I known, I would have negotiated that into the contract or taken it out of the price of them home...haha. We spent about $300 on these knobs and that was very cheap!

I wouldn't have replaced them but when the previous owner painted all the doors, they took off the knobs and didn't put them back on properly. Most of the knobs were on the wrong doors (Mark's closet had a lock!) or they were just plain missing pieces and didn't work.

It's better we replaced them anyway. Few things dated our house worse than the door knobs and lighting fixtures (which were replaced when we moved in).  See for yourself!
circa 1980's

So much better!


fresh and clean


  1. I wish it could be me doing the knocking. You are doing a good job. How many doors do you have? I forgot to count them on my short visit. The new ones are very pretty. If Landry comes to visit he can do good repairs for you. Whats the next project?

  2. thats one thing I wanted to do in our place, though we could probably do a few other things first- I had NO idea they were that pricey!


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