Monday, January 17, 2011

Attack of the PeePee Monster

Chloe is having issues. Or rather, her diaper is having issues. I spent a few hours with some girlfriends yesterday while Mark watched Chloe. When I came home, she smelt like urine. (gross, I know) I interrogated my poor husband. Did her diaper leak? Did she wet on her blanket or clothes while you were changing her diaper? Are you sure? Why does she smell like that? 

I decided it was because her diaper was wet and changed her. (Normally, the smell is not that strong when she's wet) I thought the issue was resolved. Then as we were loading up to go to Target...I smelled it again. I took her out of the car seat and realized that we had a diaper explosion (think ruined blanket, jacket, pants and shirt) on our hands of the #2 sort. A quick change and we were off to Target.

Fast forward a few hours.

Bath time. Pull Chloe from the tub. Wrap her in a towel. Lay her on her bedroom floor (because it's easier to dress her and change her diaper there). Quick McGraw Mark didn't slap the diaper on fast enough. Mark shouts, "so much pee EVERYWHERE." Chloe has created a pond on her bedroom floor. After I soak it up and put salt on it (a trick we use to soak up the moisture), we feed Chloe and put her to bed.


Fast forward a few more hours.

4:36 a.m. Chloe is screaming in her crib. I go to see what the fuss is about and find her on her tummy. I lay her on her back. Problem solved.

9:00 a.m. Chloe and I are playing in the living room when I notice the smell again. Another bath and a whiff of her sheets later, I have determined that her bedtime diaper leaked all over her crib. Poor baby was upset because she was laying on wet sheets at 4:30 this morning. Bad Mom. How did I miss that detail in the pitch dark while I was half asleep (that's sarcasm)?

Let's hope the Huggie Dam can contain the Urine Stream from here on out. I have had nothing but trouble from the those diapers since Chloe came home from the hospital. I prefer Pampers but they don't sell Pampers at Costco.


  1. Diaper explosions are definately not fun!! Love the expression on her face in the salt photo.

  2. Does Costco have their own brand of diapers? We buy Kylie's at Sam's and get their brand, Members Mark, and they work great, plus they are cheaper! I'm not a Huggies fan either...Also, at night you can try having her sleep in a bigger size if it keeps happening, we had to do that when Kylie first started sleeping thru the night because the smaller ones just didn't hold it all and I'm not waking a sleeping baby to change her diaper in the middle of the night!

  3. That sucks. I had always heard Huggies were better for boys - something about them being better for front absorbing? It does sound like maybe since sheis moving around more, maybe the huggies just aren't cutting it .... maybe time to try new diapers? What a pain either way. I do have to say, I love Pampers. I can say we have like 2 leakers in 8 months. Not too bad :)

  4. p.s. my friend uses the costco diapers on her son and loves them -

  5. There is nothing worse than that smell!

  6. Chloe, I hope you felt a lot better after time you spent with the watering challage. It was a big surprise for you. I hope you came out the winner. Did Mama get you some new diapers to try out. You have a special look on your surprised sweet face. That is a cute story.

  7. mybe she needs the next size up too? we were getting bad leaks with her pampers but we switched up a size in huggies and the solved it, for now.


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