Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Showers

It has been raining a lot here in the Austin area. But, I'm not talking about rain. The past two weekends have been shower weekends for baby Chloe. I should be finishing up my 'thank you' notes right now, and I will, but I wanted to share some of the fun we've been having around here.

Last weekend my friends Stephanie and Katie threw a shower for us. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They made a beautiful diaper cake for Chloe and had a bib decorating station for all of our guests to make Chloe a bib. They also put up mommy and daddy baby pictures. It was so cute to see my hubby as a baby and think about which of our features Chloe will have.

We played games. Suzy (Mark's mom) won the contest for guesing how big my tummy was but his Granny came a very, very close second! This picture is Mark's cousin, Abby, measuring my tummy to see if she was right.

Me and Mom

Grantham Family
(from right to left: Abby, Nancy, Granny, Me, Suzy and Ellen)

We had another shower on April 17. Mark's godmother, Sandy, hosted the shower. Sandy made the cutest wreath out of cloth diapers! My mom has pictures from that shower. So I will post them when I have copies.

The best part of both showers? I got to see my parents two weekends in a row!

A couple of other items I should share:

  1. Mark started a new job two weeks ago. So far, he is loving it. He's doing close to the same thing but with a different company. He's also in the I.T. industry now and not hardware/software. This opportunity just kind of fell in his lap so after many prayers, we are confident that this is meant to be.

  2. Mark finished tiling and grouting the tub! He finished today. The plan is to have the resurfacing company come to their magic this week sometime. Slow and steady with this project.

  3. I'm getting everything washed for Chloe and I love the smell of the baby detergent. Everything smells so fresh in her room. Every time I look at the diaper pail, I remember that smell won't last for long :).

  4. I went to the doctor last Tuesday. She showed me how Chloe was laying and told me where to put my hand so I could feel her little foot. I could have guessed what i was feeling but it was nice to have a medical professional say, "Put your hand here. That's her foot." I almost started crying! We start our weekly appointments next Tuesday. The time is near...


  1. You do have amazing friends! I loved the showers and had so much fun. I know the time is near but please k
    eep Chloe incubating for at least 2 more weeks. :)

  2. Kim, You can't imagine how much I wanted to be at your showers. It is hard for me not to be there and see the joy and excitement you are having. Your most joy will be when you hold Chloe for the first time and begin your life as her mother. The years pass fast so cherish every hour of every day that you have her close to you. I know you will be a good Mama and Mark a good Daddy. Love,Grandma Light

  3. Looks like y'all had great showers for Miss Chloe! You look great and I absolutely LOVE your dress, you look HOT! Hope everything continues to go well and Chloe will be here before ya know it! Love you!

  4. Im so sad I missed the shower- looks like so much fun!


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