Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will You Get the Door?

Random confession!

I do not answer the door when Mark is not at home.

I'm sitting here at the computer and catching up on my blog stalking and my doorbell just rang. What do I do? I get really quiet and wait until they go away to even breath! ha ha. I'm not afraid. I just know that 90% of the time it's a sales person. I have no idea why we have so many in our neighborhood but I swear a few times a month someone comes to my door wanting me to buy something. (For the record, I welcome the children selling Scout and school stuff.) I'm talking about the ex-convicts that sell the magazine subscriptions and the skanky girls that try and get us to buy stuff so they can go on the springbreak trip-of-a-lifetime.  Sorry, honey. I'm not paying you to take your shirt off for Girls Gone Wild! What would your father say?

The worst of it, in Austin, are the people that want me to donate to their cause. Here are a few that we've heard from this year: water conservation, computer waste, abused children and recycling tv's. None of these are bad causes. I just don't know who you are; therefore, I'm not giving you my money. So by all means, leave your propaganda on my door and I'll be happy to send a letter to my congressman if I deem your cause causeworthy for my family.

Do you answer your door? Do you have this problem in your neighborhood? Should I turn into 'one of those people' that have the NO SOLICITORS sign on their door? I don't want to but I'm seriously considering it!


  1. Your post made me laugh, I'm the person who has the No Soliciting sign up. But, I got a really cute one for $5 on etsy. It sticks on the inside, so people can't rip it down. Also, I won't open the door to anyone. Not even kids, maybe I'm "that" person on the block, Ha!

  2. I like the idea of a cute sign! All i can think of is the ugly red and white ones and i dont want to put that up...good advice!

  3. I'm glad you don't open your door when Mark's not home. I don't open mine either when your Dad isn't here. I am definately in favor of No Solicitor signs! So proud you don't support the Girls
    Gone Wild. lol

  4. Nope, I don't answer the door if Chris is gone. My friend Savanna was over last year and I had the front door open and we had been out back, we walk in and there is a odd looking man just staring into my house. Anywho, we told him we weren't interested in what he wanted and he went to open the screen, so I slammed it and locked it! He said he just wanted to shake my hand! Yea Right. CREEPY!!

  5. haha. thankfully i have big windows right in the front of the house and i can usually see who's coming before they get up to the doorbell. we don't have a lot of sales calls but we do get the jehovahs about twice a month because there is a big "church?" "center?" whatever... just a few blocks from us.

    one advantage to living in our flat is that we have an intercom system so if i am in the back of the house and the buzzer rings i always ask who it is first. a couple of times it'll be a JW and he'll try to give me his speech and i'll just say that we already belong to a church and aren't interested in converting. i said this one time and the guy wanted to talk to me about "what my children are doing when i'm not there"... haha. i laughed and said that i didn't have kids so i'm sure they were chilling out with the big JC man and went back to what i was doing. i kinda wish i could have seen the poor guy's face.

  6. GOOD GIRL Kim, Have you put a storm door on your entry yet? I'm so glad I have two doors to maybe keep those pest away. It is getting real bad in my part of town. I'm bothered with too many phone calls that the caller gets mad first thing when I refuse to talk to them. It's scary. Keep the creeps away . Hope you and Chole are watching the calender,I am.Love you.

  7. Thats hilarious because I do the EXACT same thing. I refuse to deal with sales people. What annoys me is when they knock AND ring. Clearly I dont want to talk to you.


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