Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I just want to make sure that everybody knows that the friend I made brunch plans with on Sunday was Stephanie!! She is a dear friend (that is hopefully still speaking to me after I post this) and I love her dearly. She will be known to Chloe as Aunt Stephanie or Aunt Steph, unless she requests otherwise...

She will probably never comment on my blog again :). Although, I hope she does!!


  1. That's a good pic of you two. I'm sure Stephanie still loves you even though you almost forgot her. Glad you have her in your life. I think Stephanie is a hoot and she will be a good "aunt".

  2. BTW...I think Chloe should call Stephanie "Phanie" rather Steph because everyone needs and Aunt Fanny. lol

  3. Good save, Kim! And I really do love that idea Diane!!! Aunt Fanny, haha. I will be the one at all of the events who squeezes Chloe's cheeks to hear and leave red lipstick kisses on her cheeks who Chloe is scared to introduce her boyfriend to. Haha, don't tell Mark I said boyfriend, LOL.


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