Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3rd Trimester

Ready, Set, Go!!

We have less than 100 days. Actually 90 as of today. We are in the third trimester and we are ready for Miss Chloe! Although, I hope she stays cozy in my tummy for a while longer.

Here is a picture from 10 weeks ago at 17 weeks and a picture from Sunday at 27 weeks.

At our next appointment, I get to drink the notorious orange drink and take the blood sugar test to make sure I'm not diabetic. I've heard the stuff tastes terrible and I have a pretty good gag reflex so I hope I can choke it down. I'm sure it will be fine :).

We have a pretty big list of things to do. One of which includes registering for a child birth class. I keep putting it off but I know I need to enroll soon so they don't fill up. We also have to choose a pediatrician and decide what to do about childcare. I only have 12 more weeks to get things together so I should probably get on it!

As a side note, it snowed ALL DAY LONG here in Austin. I couldn't believe it. The weatherman said it was going to but I didn't believe them. Sure enough...we had big, fat flakes fall for hours. I hope our Chloe gets to play in snow someday. I asked Mark the other day if he had ever been sleding and he said, 'no.' I guess we'll have to take a 'winter vacation' someday so our kids can expereience the fun I had as a child in the snow. But this mom, does not miss the cold AT ALL! Come on spring!! I need you!


  1. Oh my gosh! Your baby bump is so cute, I know Chloe is going to so beautiful! You look great, such a cute mommy!

  2. You (and Chloe) look so cute. Time is flying by won't be long now.

  3. What a cute bump! Chloe is such a lucky little girl! Love you!

  4. Yay, love the baby bump!! You have plenty of time to do all that! I will say, I love our pediatrition Dr. Dudley at Lone Star Pediatrics...right down the road from you! Call me soon, we need to get togther!

  5. You look so pretty in the new top you were wearing yesterday. The note I sent you never did go through. I was telling about all the snow we have had this year. I had to miss 4or5 Sundays going to church. I watch 3or4 services on T.V. so that helps some to start the new week.Sounds like you have alot to do with classes to take. We were lucky we just learned from family and friends. I miss your talks. Chloe still entertaining you.I am so anxious for her arrival.

  6. You totally popped in those weeks! Youre such a precioys preggo...!!! Cant wait to meet sweet Chloe, shes going to be such a beauty.

  7. whoo hoo! Its getting close, she is almost here, i can't wait till we can schedule play dates/and stroller dates:) Your baby brain story was pretty funny and reminded me of when I started crying and yelling at the Jiffy Lube guy uncontrollably-remind me to tell you later. (haha) And hopefully we can hang out again soon. -Marisa


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