Monday, February 1, 2010


My mom had a good point. She thinks that the cold weather may have something to do with my lethargy. I hope she's right. I could use another month of my 2nd trimester energy. I'm really afraid that I'm already into the weariness that they describe in the 3rd trimester.

Today was my day off and after getting up at 8a.m. and sewing on blanket for Chloe, I was ready for a nap by noon. I didn't want to waste my day so I put off the nap until 3:30 by which time, I was so tired that I couldn't think straight. I forgot how to spell Chloe's name...

Speaking of forgetting things. I have full-on 'baby brain' right now. On Saturday, I walked out to my car after getting off work, stopped, looked at my car and asked my fellow teller 'is this my car?' It was a completely ridiculous question. Nobody else at the bank has a car like ours. But for a moment, I really didn't know if it was my car. My only explanation was that I thought I had parked somewhere else.

That same day I made plans with a friend for Sunday morning brunch. She told me the time and place via text message which I responded to by texting, 'sounds good.' The next morning I asked Mark to text my friend to find out what time we were meeting. His response? 'Baby, the last text message you got from her says 10 and you told her that was good.' I have no recollection of the that message. Needless to say, we got a good laugh out of it.

The whole baby brain really is quite comical for the time being; although, I'm pretty sure that it could get annoying if it continues.

Here is the latest bump picture. For some reason, my computer decided to flip the text to the side of the picture. I have neither the brain power or the energy to fuss with it so it will stay that way!


  1. Bump is coming along!!! Looks like Chloe is growing and growing. Don't worry about the confusion you will have it for at least the next 18 years. :) At least you didn't get into someone elses car, I know of someone (J) who did that and didn't notice until after they had shut the door and tried the key. lol

  2. Cute bump. Your Mom is right about the next 18 years but then you go right into middle age forgetfulness.

  3. You look great! I'll be triple your size at that point! Oh the joy's of #2! Hope you get some rest! Love ya!

  4. Hi Kim,You look real good to be just a short time away from the first miracle gift from GOD. You sound real excited. I know the time is getting close and many ideas come to your mind.Take time to smell the roses because every thing will fall in place and you will be filled with the greatest joy you will ever know. I love you.

  5. I'm honestly hurt that I am referred to as "a friend" in your blog. Boo on you!

  6. And by "honestly" I mean "jokingly"


  7. ha ha...I didn't know if you wanted me to give out your first and last name...along with your social security number and address. So I just went generic.

  8. ahhh. i feel the same way and i'm like a week or two BEHIND you! it must be the cold because i was feeling great during the warm spell but when it started snowing this weekend i just wanted to crawl into bed and nap all day!

    i'm also constantly walking into rooms and forgetting why i went in there. which isn't so weird since i had a tendency to do that before... but now joe comes in with this odd look because i've just been staring at the room like i've walked into some room in another HOUSE! lol.

    oh well. we'll have our little girls soon enough. hey my mom and dad are going to disney for the food & wine festival in november. that's a little early to get her into the disney mania right? lol.


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