Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Mark and I had an extremely busy weekend. We drove to Amarillo on Friday for Josh's graduation in Lubbock on Saturday. We returned to Austin on Saturday. All said, it was a 16 hour road trip within a 48 hour period. Whew. Glad the drive is over but glad we got to see all the family! Here is a brief summary of what we did along with a few shout outs.

First, we were able to see Landry. My cousin, Tori, had a son in November. Although we were a little late getting to meet him, we are trilled that we finally made the trip! He is such a cute, happy, lovable baby. He is a perfect combination of his mommy and daddy. Our only regret is not getting to see Chris while we were there.
We were also able to see Keevan and Kaleb, who are the son's of my cousin Terry and his wife, Trissa. They are so much fun and so active. As a side note, we did not put them in the dog kennel; they wanted to get in to take a picture...hilarious! Kaleb just turned 5 and Keevan is 7. They are getting to be so grown up and I'm sad that I am not closer to see them grow up.

On Saturday, we went to Lubbock to see my little brother walk across the stage and receive his diploma from Texas Tech University. I am unable to express how proud I am of him. He has become a responsible young adult and I can't believe he is entering the 'real world.' I was lucky enough to spend part of my time at Tech with him. We had so much fun and not every sister gets to share college years with their sibling. I really miss being at Tech with him. Don't worry though, he should be moving to Austin very soon and Mark and I thrilled that we will get to share memories with him here, too. I don't have the family picture from graduation. You'll have to watch my mom's blog for those. But I do have a picture of Josh and I and another one of him and his best friend, Kellen. Thanks, Kellen for being such a great friend for Josh all these years. You two are perfect for each other in a completely heterosexual way!

Josh and Kellen (above) Brother and Sister (below)

Proud parents (above) Proud fellow Red Raiders and brother-in-law and sister (below)

Saturday was also my mom's birthday. Mom we love you very much and thank you for everything that you have done for us. We hope you had a wonderful birthday because you mean the world to us.

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's! You have helped shape us (being your children...whoever they are;) ) You gave us life and made us the people we are and we are forever indebted. Here are a few of the mom's I want to give shout outs to, I'll try not to forget mom; my grandma; Mark's mom; Mark's granny; Devonn (my aunt); Tori; Trissa; Ronna (my aunt); Gramma Carol; Debbie (Mark's aunt); Nancy (Mark's aunt); Donna (Mark's aunt); my friend, Katie; my friend, Erin; my friend, Sarah Wrotten; Tana (Josh's best friend's wife and Sarah's sister-in-law).


  1. Love the picture of Josh and Kellen--are you sure it's completely heterosexual??! Ha!
    I sent Kellen to your blog--he said to tell you he loved getting to catch up with y'all on Saturday.
    And thanks for the shoutout--very sweet of you!

  2. Landry was so very glad to get to hang out with y'all! It was great to see you even if for such a short time! Thanks for the sweet shout out! Love you!

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  4. I had a wonderful birthday and Mother's Day. I got to spend time with my favorite children.

    I love the new blog look too.

  5. Wow! It sounds like yall had a busy, but awesome weekend. I bet you were a pround sis! Go Raiders!


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