Monday, May 18, 2009

Backyard Haven

Well, actually our backyard is far from a 'haven' but we are slowly getting there. On Sunday we went to Garden Ridge to pick up some planters for our back porch. However, we came home with a patio table due to my lack of self-control.

I am thrilled that we will have a place for people to sit when they come over for BBQ. But, the best part of our patio is that we have a Red Raider theme! We bought the black wrought iron table and Mark had a great idea to purchase the red chairs. It goes well with our Tech mobile and trash can.

It could take awhile but we can't wait to complete our backyard haven!


  1. Looks very nice! I can't wait to sit out back and have Mark fix us one of his world famous burgers.

  2. Hey Kim! I've enjoyed reading your blog! Glad you are on here! Love the back yard, looks like you'll have a fun summer out there!


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