Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Smart Dog!

So I have to brag for a moment. I'm actually really impressed with Tres. Last night Mark and I decided it was time to start some training with Tres. We have already mastered fetch ('go get it') if the other dogs are not around and 'sit.' Sit he seemed to pick up on his own...strange.

Anyway, yesterday was the day to learn 'shake.' What can I say? We want a polite dog!

We put him inside and gave him the command about five times. He wasn't really 'getting it' so we decided we would try a little everyday. We don't want him to get bored or frustrated with the new commands.

We put him back inside after a few hours and out of sheer impatience decided to try the 'shake' command one more time. He 'sat' and when I said 'shake,' he put his paw up! I couldn't believe it! Only a few hours ago he was uncooperative!

I thought it was a fluke so I left it alone and when I got home from work today, I tried it again. No fluke. He's figured it out.

I don't know if he ate a dog training book and is learning through osmosis or if the other dogs are giving him insider information but this dog is SMART! I think I should probably hide the car keys from him...in case he decides to learn how to drive. Geez!


  1. I'm betting the fabulous Miss Pepper Ann and Clyde the wonder dog clued Tres in. They probably said "Dude...you might as well just do it because they won't leave you alone until you do." lol

  2. Way to go Tres! I agree with Diane, he was coerced into learning it! You know how peer pressure works!


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